Spy Review


Matthew Ramsey is a US Army Major serving in Iraq and surrounded by Kurdish forces. He engages in an affair with a beautiful Russian national named Helga Kozlov, but the love and happiness that they find in each other is short-lived. Matthew gets suspected of sending top secret documents to the Russians because of his relationship with Helga, and Helga is accused of being a spy. Both framed with treason and espionage, Matthew is offered a reduced sentence if he testifies against Helga. He doesn’t accept the offer, but is soon faced with a heartbreaking news about Helga’s suicide.


Spy is an action romance novel by Harold J Fischel. It’s about military exploits and dealing with the aftermath of ill-fated events. Honestly, I didn’t know that there’s romance involved in the story. I thought I was going to read something about the life of an undercover and its undercover activities, but I was completely wrong. It turned out that the biggest chunk of its plot involves romance. Nevertheless, the author’s in-depth knowledge of the military, as well as matters in court, is quite impressive and Matthew’s character is very charming. Overall, I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars. It is action-packed with a good storyline and I recommend this to mature readers who love action and romance novels.

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