Good Moral Values

A great collection of stories with good moral values in the end. This book certainly has a good message that will inspire or uplift people who are in a very sticky situation. This book well depicts that nothing lasts forever, and that includes hardships. I definitely recommend it to readers who love short stories. I wanted to pick just one favorite and though I have a couple of stories in mind, it is best to leave it to the readers as to which one of the ten stories they can relate with or which moral lesson has the most impact. One thing that I can assure is that each and every story in this book was well written.

Collection of Stories!

What an exciting collection of stories! I definitely enjoyed reading this book and it’s not hard to pick a favorite. I would most certainly pick Run, Tommy, Run because it’s the most suspenseful amongst all the stories. Basically, all the stories have moral lessons that readers will appreciate. I think the message that author wants to convey is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Well done on this book! I highly recommend it to readers who love short stories!

Enjoyable short stories

I have just completed   And What Would You Do? Modern situations with surprising endings by Hal Fischel. It was a delightful collection of short stories. Each with an interesting question and surprising ending. The stories were fast reads and each one was  very different from the previous story. Thoughtful work in a simple story. Thank you for an enjoyable book. Arlene T

-Matthew Laux

Review by Sally McAlinden

I’ve read several of the stories and like them. I was waiting for a friend at the hospital and it was a bloody perfect short read. And another I was waiting for a late Grandkid drop off. Hal, I love them! I knew they were short stories. And at least 2 of them ended and had me finishing the next chapter in my head. Wasn’t that the point? Character and plot development in a 20 minute read asks the reader to think. Good job and I hope you keep teasing your readers with your short stories. 

This is a VERY interesting book – couldn’t put it down!

This is Harold Fischel’s most recent book and he gets better every time. This book of short stories is different from the previous ones which were novels. The stories hold your attention, with plenty of action and some surprising twists, but there is also deeper character development. If i were to pick my favorite, it would be the last one – also the longest one – because it has all these qualities well-developed. I’d give it 4 stars because I wouldn’t give any book 5 stars, unless it was one of the classics.


Book Review: And What Would You Do?: Modern situations with surprising endings


And What Would You Do is a collection of contemporary short fiction by Harold J. Fischel. The book contains 10 stories that deal with very difficult situations. Some issues tackled are hit-and-run, human trafficking, sexual assault, insurgency, and homicide.


All the stories are great! The stories impart life lessons that a person can get from sticky situations. I think the primary message of the book is that the truth will always come out in the end. Also, I learned a lot of legal facts and information that I never knew before.

My favorite story is, “Run, Tommy, Run.” Tommy commits homicide to save his mom from an assault and leaves before the police arrests him. He disguises himself and travels as far as he can. He goes out of the country and into a series of extraordinary adventure where he meets good and bad people. If there’s a short story I would pick to turn into a novel, it would be this one because it is very exciting and suspenseful. Tommy just keeps on running away and in doing so, he travels from U.S. to East Africa in a yacht!

-Shey Saints