GOGGLES- Web-optimised72dpiWhen 16 year old Paul van Dycke gets his pilot’s license, he affectionately earns the nickname “Goggles” andthe admiration of some of his elders in the town of Meadowville, California. Police Chief Hank Miller also becomes an admirer when Goggles helps put bank robber Carl Petrovese and his crew behind bars. But not even that could prepare Goggles for the action-filled adventure he’s about to have that summer!

After Goggles saves the life of fellow classmate Bobby Douglas when he nearly drowns in some rapids, Bobby’s friends Johnny, Michael, and Herbert invite Goggles to join them on a vacation to Mexico. With Bobby unable to travel, Goggles agrees to take his place, and the teenage quartet heads South for what should be a good time, great food, and the making of a few memories.

But the teenage quartet ends up getting involved with a South American drug cartel and, when Herbert is kidnapped for the boys’ failure to cooperate in smuggling drugs, it takes every trick in Goggles’s book (and some help from Chief Hank Miller) to rescue Herbert, stop the drug lords, and bring everyone home safe and sound.

Combining the suspense of a Hollywood thriller with a nostalgic West Coast take on Americana, Goggles & Co. is an action thriller where the heroes still drink Coke – that is, when they’re not out catching crooks!

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