Spy is a fictional story of a US Army officer embedded with Kurdish forces in Iraq.
Lieutenant Colonel Matthaeus (Matt) Ramsey is in charge of  top secret testing of a new type of American missile. The reports about the missile tests are rife with personal drama and danger. Matt makes a misstep with his authority and suddenly finds himself charged with treason and espionage! His conviction is primarily based on his romantic involvement with a beautiful Russian woman. His only hope of escaping a life sentence comes in the form of the one person who should have
hated him because of an accident a long time ago.
The trial is on – the Russian lover is also detained and is awaiting
trial. As the evidence finally emerges as to who the spy really is –
the book’s action takes a unique twist …. Soon Matt is working as
a civilian in an international company based in the USA. From this
position he travels often and finds himself in a situation where he
must use his military background to go undercover and travel to Africa
to rescue a hostage before rebels kill her.
Woven within this breathtaking life of military exploits, Matt finds a
new family, old friends and a way to learn to love again.

The book is available in e-book version and printed copy and can be ordered from Amazon, digital book publishers and book stores. Ref: ISBN:9780578412566