Clint and Sharleen are high school sweethearts who break up when he gets a baseball contract and she leaves for Hollywood. When they meet again she is married to a mafia boss and he has married her best friend. Can Sharleen use her mafia connection to save her former boyfriend from bankruptcy and cover the medical expenses of her girlhood best friend? This same mafia connection protects her when she is locked up in jail but it also prevents her from getting out on bail.
Can Freddy, the mafia boss’ son save Sharleen’s life and are her Native American cousins able to help her escape from the mansion she is held in? We witness her terror when she is held at knife point by a mafia thug.
Join Sharleen in these pages as her eventful life unfolds and she meets and helps so many people, from Mikie, the mentally disadvantaged young man to Nina, a woman saved from the sex trade. We share with her the love she has for everyone she meets and proves that it is NEVER TOO LATE to find happiness.

Meet Sharleen
Meet Sharleen

Not only is the book a romance and an adventurous tale, but Fischel uses the power of his words to draw attention to issues that are commonly ignored, such as human trafficking and the existence of mafias. Through this book, I gained a new perspective on these issues due to his relatable characters that put a mental image on the issue. This book was truly a treasure to read, and I give it my highest recommendation. Reviewed By Julia Schemmer for Readers’ Favorite

The underlying message here is that it isn’t too late to find true love and happiness, and Mr Fischel has demonstrated that perfectly in this novel. The storyline itself was well thought out and written in such a way that I read it in one sitting. A good book and well worth the time it took to read it.
Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

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