Euphoric Feeling

There are many things I like about this book, but if I were to pick one that got stuck in my head and gave me a euphoric feeling, it has to be the places that Jason travelled to. Amongst these places, he described South Korea like how I would describe it based from the shows that I watched. It’s my dream vacation destination not only because I’m a BTS ARMY, but because it’s a very intriguing country. I love that the author highlighted so many great things about it, especially their culture. Story-wise, it’s definitely something unique and well-researched. The author did a great job in describing how evil this world can be. It’s quite amusing that amidst all the chaos, Jason also has to choose one woman and break two women’s heart. That part of the story just balanced everything out and made this book an exciting romantic suspense story. Hence, I’m giving this book a perfect rating. It was entertaining, very informative, and has a touch of philosophy.

Not one girl, but three!

Catherine, Ibby, Kristy. Not one girl, but three! Love triangle is one of the most common romance tropes, but this book involves a love cube – way more complicated, messy, and involves four people! Jason is such a heartbreaker! But that’s just his character in the story. The story itself doesn’t focus on him breaking women’s heart. As the cover and title indicates, this book is about the evil things that people can do in this world and that’s what makes this book a compelling read. For a heartthrob like Jason, how would he deal with inhumanity and all the dreadful things he has witnessed? His character development is definitely something that readers will anticipate. Hence, I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars for its ability to keep me enticed from beginning to end.

Romantic Suspense Novel


When Caroline’s stepfather made sexual advances to her, Kitty, her boyfriend’s mom took her as her own. She and Jason, her boyfriend, had to follow Kitty’s rules in the house and act like they were siblings. But even when they were both at the right age, Jason did not show much interest in settling down with Caroline because he was more focused on his career. Just like his dad, Jason was intelligent and very skilled. And just like his dad, he broke the hearts of women. When he travelled for business, the plane was hijacked by terrorists and he witnessed evil humans who killed with no mercy. He escaped such dreadful incident, but little did he know, there were more evil things in the world than he could ever imagine.


Do No Evil is a romantic suspense novel by Harold J. Fischel. It shows the many bad things that people can do and the different effects these evil deeds could have, depending on how strong or weak the victim is.

What I like most in the story are the places that Jason travelled to, most especially in South Korea, because it’s my dream destination for a grand vacation. The author put that special place in such a good light when he described the scenic spots like the Westin Chosun Hotel’s spectacular panoramic view of Haeundae Beach. There’s also the popular resort called Ulleungdo island which is known for good seafood. On top of the great destinations, there were also good remarks about the Korean Culture so I was ecstatic that there were parts in the story that described my favorite country and culture. I also learned that Thailand has a vehicle called “tuk tuk” which is something that’s also in my country, although we call it “trycyle.”

The only thing I dislike about the story is the way that Kristy had told Jason of a shocking news that Caroline had kept secret for so many years. She relayed the news very casually, and Jason’s reaction was also lacking.

Overall, I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. It was very informative with a touch of philosophy. It was also entertaining, and on some parts, nerve-wracking, but the good moments outshone the evil ones. I recommend this to mature readers who love romantic suspense novels with a warning that there are sexual assaults and violence involved.

Do No Evil Review By Sefina Hawke

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5 stars! .Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

“Hear no evil . . . See no evil . . . Speak no evil . . .” Now there’s one more evil to avoid. Do No Evil by Harold J. Fischel is a realistic fiction novel with a genre mix of romance, action, and adventure that will appeal mostly to older teenagers and adults with an interest in action adventure and romance stories. The story follows Jason Housten, a young man raised by his mother, with a millionaire for a father. Jason is driven by his career without concern for the numerous broken hearts he leaves in his wake due to his lack of commitment. This all changes when Jason’s flight is hijacked by his neighbor’s daughter, Ibby. Jason manages to rescue both Ibby and other females from sexual slavery. This climax forces Jason to choose between the women he currently knows/is seeing.

Do No Evil really surprised me with how it seamlessly included so many different elements together in a way that made for an amazing read. While I enjoyed all of Do No Evil, my favorite part was the beginning when Jason and his mother help Catherine after she flees from her step father, who she at first thought was just supporting her after her mother’s death, but instead was trying to get her drunk in order to force her into sex. Do No Evil is a well written novel with a good plot, romantic developments, character growth, and a well-crafted plot without any holes.

Do No Evil Review by Romuald Dzemo

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5 stars! Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Do No Evil by Harold J. Fischel is a riveting, mind-blowing story that is both convincing and incredible, well-written and utterly captivating. After his parents’ divorce, all Jason Housten wants is to succeed in his career, and this could mean bad news for the women who fall for him. A woman Jason rescued from a plane, hijacked by terrorists, begins to dream of a life with him. There is his high school sweetheart, Catherine, who’s dying for him as well. But the meeting with Kristy and her eventual love declaration will change everything. Is Jason up for the challenge?

The opening is captivating, uttering engaging, and the reader is immediately drawn in. There is a pounding at the door. Then Jason rushing out to meet Catherine in a very bad shape, telling him that her step-father was about to rape her. The reader already gets interested and wants to know what happened and what would happen next. The writing is flawless, crisp and tight, laced with vivid descriptions will undoubtedly absorb all the reader’s attention. There are very interesting and compelling dialogues, created to read naturally and to offer insights into characterization while moving the plot forward. The plot is the work of a master storyteller, with twists and surprises carefully spread over the entire story. For instance, it’s unthinkable that Jason can look at another woman after the way he is with Catherine. The conflict plays a powerful role in propelling the plot forward and it enhances the dynamics of this fast-paced story. Harold J. Fischel’s Do No Evil is a story laced with symbolism that will entertain readers greatly.

For those of you living close to Ann Arbor the book is available at Nicola’s Books, 2513 Jackson Ave. Ann Arbor.

Do No Evil Review

Completed on: 08/26/2016
Review Rating: 5 stars!
Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

“Hear no evil . . . See no evil . . . Speak no evil . . . ” Now there’s one more evil to avoid. Do No Evil by Harold J. Fischel is the perfect example of what happens when you are careless of others’ feelings. Some of your innocent decisions can ruin someone’s life too. The story follows Jason Housten, who lived with his mother after his parents got divorced. He is a brilliant man, just like his father. But there is one thing; he leaves a trail of broken hearts behind him. He loves women and then he leaves them. His high school sweetheart is still in love with him. Catherine supports him because she loves him and he does not care for that.

When his neighbor’s daughter, Ibby, is brainwashed to hijack a plane he just happens to be on, Jason had no idea that this single event would be a catalyst for a chain of events that will change his life. He helps Ibby understand the truth and now the poor girl is in love with him. Kristy, the woman he sees casually, has feelings for him and when she tells him this, he is finally forced to recognize what he must do now. He needs to make a choice, but who will he choose?

This is a good novel. I loved the characterization and development of the characters. Jason is a very hard character to like. He was a relatively good man, but some of his attributes just grated and this is the reason why I liked him so much. He is a well-rounded character, he is very human and that makes him relatable. I liked reading his responses because they were real and what most of us would have come up with. This really is a good read and deserves all the praise it can get.