Do No Evil Review By Sefina Hawke

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5 stars! .Reviewed By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

“Hear no evil . . . See no evil . . . Speak no evil . . .” Now there’s one more evil to avoid. Do No Evil by Harold J. Fischel is a realistic fiction novel with a genre mix of romance, action, and adventure that will appeal mostly to older teenagers and adults with an interest in action adventure and romance stories. The story follows Jason Housten, a young man raised by his mother, with a millionaire for a father. Jason is driven by his career without concern for the numerous broken hearts he leaves in his wake due to his lack of commitment. This all changes when Jason’s flight is hijacked by his neighbor’s daughter, Ibby. Jason manages to rescue both Ibby and other females from sexual slavery. This climax forces Jason to choose between the women he currently knows/is seeing.

Do No Evil really surprised me with how it seamlessly included so many different elements together in a way that made for an amazing read. While I enjoyed all of Do No Evil, my favorite part was the beginning when Jason and his mother help Catherine after she flees from her step father, who she at first thought was just supporting her after her mother’s death, but instead was trying to get her drunk in order to force her into sex. Do No Evil is a well written novel with a good plot, romantic developments, character growth, and a well-crafted plot without any holes.

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