Buck & Hal at lake

Buck and Hal

Spring Visit

Brighton Road

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They especially liked hearing about Zorbo.

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Newest board members of my fan club.

Dear Jan, Hal, Freya,

It fills my heart with sadness for your loss of wonderful Odin. 

He was your family’s persona and he will be missed dearly, especially of course by sweet Freya.   

Odin was the bodyguard and lookout, sentry, pond explorer, guest greeter, tv watcher, intense listener, avid sports fan, tasteful fashion model, keen bird watcher, great judge of character, and book critic too!

Odin was someone you could always depend upon to be on your side come what may, these days that’s a big deal indeed.

Odin’s list of life’s achievements were immersed in kindness, and dedication to all comers, measured by high energy, in his every waking moment.  

Odin made his mark in life by demonstrating genuine friendship.  He would have stayed longer if he could have  and yet Odin’s spirit is inescapable from the future and that is as good as it gets in life, to be fondly remembered.

Bill Hirsch

Dear Jan and Hal,

Freya now comes to mind, it is all together fitting and proper to feel sadness and joy at once, indeed so worthy of tears,  and smiles too, it is alright — Freya made so many adventures remarkable in the instant of a moment’s breath.

Freya in my memory’s eye is now walking in the dark of night along the driveway’s path, going down to the dock looking across the pond in moon light, running up stairs to greet all upon the dawn of a new day.  It is Freya’s warmth, the glow remains.

Freya is forever in our hearts , bringing happy smiles while we watch the cadence and rhythm of those back and forth wags of her tail and that keen optimism expressed with the twist of her head from left to right.  Freya always the judge of good character, company greeter, UPS delivery truck inspector, boarder guard, friendly helper through the garage and into the house, captain at the door.  Freya – On hand to sample tasty treats anytime. 

Freya made other visitor  canine welcome, sharing friendship and dinner’s bill of fare a common place experience.  Freya having the right name, noble name going back according to Norse history  to the 8th Century  of the Common Era, meaning of course Goddess of Love and Kindness, unique enough, but more importantly a true buddy to all good folks and kind souls. 

Freya remains a blessing yesterday, today and tomorrow. How lucky for everyone Freya shares our hearts, from sun rise to moon glistening times those are her gifts for us and we will remember Freya’s magic.  Thank you Freya.

Your friend

Bill Hirsch