Preston Cranston, an injured college football star becomes a famous advertising guru. He  succumbs to his alcohol addiction. This weakness gets him entrapped in a devious scheme dreamt up by a jealous woman, Jackie, his wife’s best friend. The subsequent scandal leads to his downfall. He loses everything including his wife Kiki.

 When his life reaches bottom, he clamps onto an opportunity to regain some degree of respectability. In his hunger for a new job, he fails to spot the warning signals that would make the road back rocky and dangerous. The trouble starts after he discovers a unique way by which drugs are shipped into the United States. During the years, when things seem utterly hopeless, his passion to be reunited with his soulmate, the beautiful Kiki, keeps him going. He never suspects that Kiki too is facing challenges of her own while searching for him.   

This intriguing fictional  story of two soul-mates, is developed through the addition of more secondary characters , subplots, and action-packed adventures set in realistic settings.