Action and Romance

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

As Long We’re Together Everything Is Going To Be All Right is a gripping drama by Harold J. Fischel. After rising to the top of the corporate ladder as the CEO of a successful advertising company, Preston Cranston has a swift fall from grace. His alcoholic tendencies land him in rehab, where he is framed for statutory rape by a conniving woman. Now jobless and alone, Cranston digs into even deeper trouble when he unwittingly stumbles upon a drug smuggling operation that has him running for his life in the jungles of the Amazon with a nefarious organization on his trail. Meanwhile, his wife, Kiki, is doing everything she can to reunite with her husband, surviving kidnapping attempts and navigating scheming board members to find her way back to Cranston. However, fate has more in store for Cranston and Kiki.

Filled with action, romance, and plenty of drama, As Long As We’re Together Everything Is Going To Be All Right is the story of two star-crossed lovers overcoming extraordinary hurdles that life throws on their path to find their way back to each other. Harold J. Fischel’s narrative is tight, as the book has little fluff. The plot is also unpredictable, and you constantly find yourself trying to guess which direction it will take, only to end up repeatedly having the rug pulled from under your feet. The cast of characters is large, but the story primarily revolves around Cranston and Kiki. Recommended for drama fans who love a bit of action and romance.

Aims to get his Life Back

While I was reading this book, I asked myself, can someone be really so unlucky like Preston who seems to be always in dire trouble? It was hard to imagine that this novel is a fusion of facts and fiction. For how much of it was based from facts, I’ll be heartbroken to know. But the thing that hooked me to this heavy drama that is meant to devastate a reader and evoke the deepest of emotions, is that while Cranston constantly faces so many trials that he doesn’t even deserve, he always aims to get his life back. And Kiki and other characters play such a crucial part in his life that proves no one can overcome challenges alone. I like that this novel doesn’t need readers to read between the lines because of its very straightforward approach. It has a streamlined narrative that only focuses on important details, a style that can be compared to Hemingway for its directness, simplicity, and clarity. Overall, I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. It imparts valuable lessons in life as it tackles health and social issues that would put readers on the edge of their

Good Moral Values

A great collection of stories with good moral values in the end. This book certainly has a good message that will inspire or uplift people who are in a very sticky situation. This book well depicts that nothing lasts forever, and that includes hardships. I definitely recommend it to readers who love short stories. I wanted to pick just one favorite and though I have a couple of stories in mind, it is best to leave it to the readers as to which one of the ten stories they can relate with or which moral lesson has the most impact. One thing that I can assure is that each and every story in this book was well written.

Collection of Stories!

What an exciting collection of stories! I definitely enjoyed reading this book and it’s not hard to pick a favorite. I would most certainly pick Run, Tommy, Run because it’s the most suspenseful amongst all the stories. Basically, all the stories have moral lessons that readers will appreciate. I think the message that author wants to convey is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Well done on this book! I highly recommend it to readers who love short stories!

Espionage Story!

This was such an exciting take on an espionage story! I know it may seem like a common spy story, but what separates it from other spy stories is its narrative flow and characterization. The plot is so compelling, so I doubt that anyone would stop reading once you start. Matt has to protect the confidentiality of his secret mission, but when he gets involved with a Russian woman, he finds himself charged with espionage and treason. The only way to reduce his sentence is if he testifies against Helga, the Russian woman that he fell for. What makes this a compelling read is the need to find out who the real spy is, and how he can free himself from the total mess he’s in. Overall, I’m giving this book 5 stars for its plot and entertainment value.

Edge of your Seat!

For lovers of action romance novels, this is it! This is a book that will keep you at the edge of your seat! I like that this book surprised me for its romantic aspect because I thought I was just going to read an action-packed espionage story with lots of conspiracy involved in it just like how it is on movies. But the romance caught me off guard and I like it, so this book’s unpredictability definitely deserves a good rating. I also like the main character Matthew because he’s very charming, and I applaud the author for writing such a fascinating storyline that is indicative of his expertise in military and law topics. I definitely recommend this book.

Sentimental Value

I rarely find romance books that have sentimental value, and this one does. A tearjerker with a simple good story about a popular boy and an ordinary girl who gets bullied. It kind of gives me the same vibe as the book, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks because it made my heart flutter and made me teary-eyed as well. For me, the strongest point in this book would be the backstories of the characters and how their background has molded their personality. Overall, I’d have to give this book 5 stars for delving into both rare and common issues amongst young individuals.

Good Romantic Drama

This was a good romantic drama that young adults would be able to relate with. The topic is very common, but the author managed to keep me intrigued because of the flow and writing style. This is one of those nostalgic love stories where an ordinary girl is pursued by a popular boy and the protagonist is a bitchy girl who bullies anyone that gets in her way. I like to read stories like this once in a while because it makes me reminisce on the old days where stories aren’t so complicated like they are now a days. This was an easy read and I enjoyed it. Hence, I recommend it.

Euphoric Feeling

There are many things I like about this book, but if I were to pick one that got stuck in my head and gave me a euphoric feeling, it has to be the places that Jason travelled to. Amongst these places, he described South Korea like how I would describe it based from the shows that I watched. It’s my dream vacation destination not only because I’m a BTS ARMY, but because it’s a very intriguing country. I love that the author highlighted so many great things about it, especially their culture. Story-wise, it’s definitely something unique and well-researched. The author did a great job in describing how evil this world can be. It’s quite amusing that amidst all the chaos, Jason also has to choose one woman and break two women’s heart. That part of the story just balanced everything out and made this book an exciting romantic suspense story. Hence, I’m giving this book a perfect rating. It was entertaining, very informative, and has a touch of philosophy.

Not one girl, but three!

Catherine, Ibby, Kristy. Not one girl, but three! Love triangle is one of the most common romance tropes, but this book involves a love cube – way more complicated, messy, and involves four people! Jason is such a heartbreaker! But that’s just his character in the story. The story itself doesn’t focus on him breaking women’s heart. As the cover and title indicates, this book is about the evil things that people can do in this world and that’s what makes this book a compelling read. For a heartthrob like Jason, how would he deal with inhumanity and all the dreadful things he has witnessed? His character development is definitely something that readers will anticipate. Hence, I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars for its ability to keep me enticed from beginning to end.