Aims to get his Life Back

While I was reading this book, I asked myself, can someone be really so unlucky like Preston who seems to be always in dire trouble? It was hard to imagine that this novel is a fusion of facts and fiction. For how much of it was based from facts, I’ll be heartbroken to know. But the thing that hooked me to this heavy drama that is meant to devastate a reader and evoke the deepest of emotions, is that while Cranston constantly faces so many trials that he doesn’t even deserve, he always aims to get his life back. And Kiki and other characters play such a crucial part in his life that proves no one can overcome challenges alone. I like that this novel doesn’t need readers to read between the lines because of its very straightforward approach. It has a streamlined narrative that only focuses on important details, a style that can be compared to Hemingway for its directness, simplicity, and clarity. Overall, I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. It imparts valuable lessons in life as it tackles health and social issues that would put readers on the edge of their

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