Euphoric Feeling

There are many things I like about this book, but if I were to pick one that got stuck in my head and gave me a euphoric feeling, it has to be the places that Jason travelled to. Amongst these places, he described South Korea like how I would describe it based from the shows that I watched. It’s my dream vacation destination not only because I’m a BTS ARMY, but because it’s a very intriguing country. I love that the author highlighted so many great things about it, especially their culture. Story-wise, it’s definitely something unique and well-researched. The author did a great job in describing how evil this world can be. It’s quite amusing that amidst all the chaos, Jason also has to choose one woman and break two women’s heart. That part of the story just balanced everything out and made this book an exciting romantic suspense story. Hence, I’m giving this book a perfect rating. It was entertaining, very informative, and has a touch of philosophy.

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