Romantic Suspense Novel


When Caroline’s stepfather made sexual advances to her, Kitty, her boyfriend’s mom took her as her own. She and Jason, her boyfriend, had to follow Kitty’s rules in the house and act like they were siblings. But even when they were both at the right age, Jason did not show much interest in settling down with Caroline because he was more focused on his career. Just like his dad, Jason was intelligent and very skilled. And just like his dad, he broke the hearts of women. When he travelled for business, the plane was hijacked by terrorists and he witnessed evil humans who killed with no mercy. He escaped such dreadful incident, but little did he know, there were more evil things in the world than he could ever imagine.


Do No Evil is a romantic suspense novel by Harold J. Fischel. It shows the many bad things that people can do and the different effects these evil deeds could have, depending on how strong or weak the victim is.

What I like most in the story are the places that Jason travelled to, most especially in South Korea, because it’s my dream destination for a grand vacation. The author put that special place in such a good light when he described the scenic spots like the Westin Chosun Hotel’s spectacular panoramic view of Haeundae Beach. There’s also the popular resort called Ulleungdo island which is known for good seafood. On top of the great destinations, there were also good remarks about the Korean Culture so I was ecstatic that there were parts in the story that described my favorite country and culture. I also learned that Thailand has a vehicle called “tuk tuk” which is something that’s also in my country, although we call it “trycyle.”

The only thing I dislike about the story is the way that Kristy had told Jason of a shocking news that Caroline had kept secret for so many years. She relayed the news very casually, and Jason’s reaction was also lacking.

Overall, I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. It was very informative with a touch of philosophy. It was also entertaining, and on some parts, nerve-wracking, but the good moments outshone the evil ones. I recommend this to mature readers who love romantic suspense novels with a warning that there are sexual assaults and violence involved.

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