Book Review: And What Would You Do?: Modern situations with surprising endings


And What Would You Do is a collection of contemporary short fiction by Harold J. Fischel. The book contains 10 stories that deal with very difficult situations. Some issues tackled are hit-and-run, human trafficking, sexual assault, insurgency, and homicide.


All the stories are great! The stories impart life lessons that a person can get from sticky situations. I think the primary message of the book is that the truth will always come out in the end. Also, I learned a lot of legal facts and information that I never knew before.

My favorite story is, “Run, Tommy, Run.” Tommy commits homicide to save his mom from an assault and leaves before the police arrests him. He disguises himself and travels as far as he can. He goes out of the country and into a series of extraordinary adventure where he meets good and bad people. If there’s a short story I would pick to turn into a novel, it would be this one because it is very exciting and suspenseful. Tommy just keeps on running away and in doing so, he travels from U.S. to East Africa in a yacht!

-Shey Saints

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