Never Too Late Review


Clint and Sharleen were high school sweethearts. After many years, they meet again, both with very different lives. Sharleen is the wife of a big-time mafia boss and lives in a mansion on Long Island with all the money she could ever need. Clint, on the other hand, is in financial distress because his restaurant’s renovation has gotten out of hand, and his wife, Sharleen’s best friend, is suffering from a terminal illness. With Sharleen back in his life, will she be able to save Clint from bankruptcy and start over as friends?


Never Too Late is an action romance novel by Harold Fischel. The story is about Clint and Sharleen, the people around them, as well as the people they meet along the way. This book is rich with different characters who are victims in different ways, and the story tackles sensitive issues like racial discrimination, unjust government systems, and human trafficking.

I like that the author incorporated social, political, and other issues instead of just focusing on Clint and Sharleen. This book is rich with backstories of different characters who are victims of unlawful events, and my favorite character is Mikie, a handicapped boy.

I’m giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. It is heartwarming and very informational. I recommend this book to mature readers who are into action romance. The story lived up to its title in more ways than I have expected.

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