Taylor Review

Reviewed By Paula Tran for Readers’ Favorite

Taylor: The Journey Home by Harold J. Fischel describes a teenager and his transition into a young adult after a family financial crisis. Taylor, a junior in high school when the story first starts, lived a very extravagant lifestyle. He is the star of his school’s football team, as well as a popular bachelor. He loves playing around with girls, moving on from one to the next faster than the change of weather, to the point where his mother is frustrated. However, things changed when Taylor found out that his family’s business has crashed, and his world took a turn when his father committed suicide.

I think this novel is very well paced and extremely well written. The first few chapters were used to introduce us to Taylor, describing his playboy, care free attitude when it comes to anything. He is seen as reckless, making out with his girlfriend Phyllis, while knowing things can potentially get out of hand. However, I found it easy to relate to him, and I’m sure others will as well. Most people have experienced reckless teenage years and can relate to Taylor’s problems and thought processes. I think this way of introducing Taylor is a good thing, because we get to know the character a little better. The plot is also well developed, a mix of emotional and suspenseful elements. However, for a high school student, Taylor seems too perfect. Sure, he has had ups and downs during his life, but his achievements suggest that he can be a little of a Mary Sue.

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