Anthony Review


Lieutenant General Bruce Walker died when the plane carrying him exploded. In his will, Yuni, his mistress, and his son, Anthony were acknowledged, but the general’s widow ordered her lawyers to fight the provisions of the will. Yuni gained popularity from his controversial affair with the highly respected general and became a top model, but soon, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. At such a young age, Anthony had to deal with her mother’s illness and they had to move to a neighborhood where he was faced with difficulties and trials.


Anthony is a romantic drama by Harold J. Fischel. I was instantly pulled into a story of hardship and success and almost cried during the most painful events in Anthony’s life. My favorite character is his very protective dog named Zorbo, and my least favorite character is Rita.

This book is a whirlwind of emotions. I felt sad, scared, disgusted, happy, and excited. The story is interesting and realistic, and the characters have personalities that are neither too bad, nor too good.

I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars, and I recommend it to ALL mature readers who want a heartwarming story about a little boy who grew up to be a handsome gentleman of great values.

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