Anthony Review by Fuonlyknew

Compelling. That’s the word I’m looking for. This story is compelling. There isn’t a lot of action, no weird plots. It’s a story about a boy and the events that make him a man. A shy, somewhat pudgy young boy, Anthony discovers swimming and as his body matures, he grows into a strapping young man. During those years, he faces many adversities, suffers a tragic loss, and is involved in a taboo affair. The shadows of his past follow him as he goes off to college. There he makes friends, finds his path, and falls in love. But the past catches up to him. Now he could lose everything. Perhaps love can save him. This is another of those stories I call life fiction. From boy to man, you follow this character. Feel his insecurities and doubts.  His sadness and pain. His hope .I mentioned compelling. I opened this book, started reading, and the writing compelled me to continue. I read a chapter, then another, and another. Soon, I reached the end. It read almost like a movie. Flashing from scene to scene through the years as Anthony grew up.  A wonderful story.

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