Anthony Review by Aobibliospotlight

Anthony is the love child of mixed parentage – Bruce (Chip) Walker, an American Lieutenant General and Yuni, a Filipina fashion model. at a young age, his father dies in a plane crash. Anthony and his mom are then left to fend for themselves in a new neighborhood with his “Aunt” Rita. as Anthony grows up, he faces life head on despite the difficulties he encounters on the way. he meets friends and foes, falls in love and raises a family.
coping with whatever life throws at you and being resilient are at the heart of Harold J. Fischel’s eponymous novel. Anthony’s childhood, adolescence and adult life are marked by so many challenges that they never seem to stop. as something good happens, something equally bad does too. this resonates throughout much of the book and it echoes humanity’s constant cry – “will life ever get better than this?
the writing is simple, straightforward and has its shining moments. in fact, the author has a way of getting his readers involved that a tear or two are impossible not to fall as the occasion demands it.
the characters with their flaws and virtues are larger than life and some may seem too good to be true. yet when one examines them closer, they are but reflections of life in all its beauty, madness and horror.
i think the book’s ultimate message is that no matter what life brings you, it is how you deal with it that makes it worth living. Anthony faces it all and comes out of the battle alive. though scarred, he is not bitter. having the support of friends and loved ones too are important as Anthony realizes this in each phase of his life.
the only “problem” i have with the book was the way it was concluded. it was too abrupt that i thought some pages were missing from the digital copy i was sent.
at any rate, Anthony was a good read. it was enough to make me believe again that there are still good people out there and that even if bad things do happen to good people all the time, life does get better somehow.

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