Never Too Late Review by Melinda Hills

Review Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

It is ‘never too late’ to make up for past mistakes and that is exactly what drives Harold J. Fischel’s novel by the same title. High school sweethearts Clint and Sharleen went their separate ways after graduation, but a class reunion brings them back together in an unexpected way. Clint is tapped out on financing for his restaurant, partially due to medical expenses for his wife, Jada. Sharleen has married a Mafia boss and has plenty of money at her disposal so she secretly backs a new loan for Clint. Jealousy and old-world mentality put both Clint and Sharleen in harm’s way, so they flee to the safety of the reservation where Sharleen was brought up. Together, they establish a restaurant in Bermuda where they encounter a number of different people who have special needs of their own. Clint and Sharleen try to help everyone, even when it puts them in danger. Can their love see them through or will the hardships of the world ruin their chance at love?

Never Too Late is an exciting story about hope, forgiveness and second chances. Harold J. Fischel presents a variety of social problems through the actions of the outstanding characters and demonstrates that love and understanding can go a long way in making the world a better place. Vivid descriptions of places and people, as well as exciting action and thought provoking dialogue, keep you turning the pages, anxious to see what happens next. Never Too Late is an entertaining and engrossing story that makes you alternately hold your breath and cheer as Clint and Sharleen navigate the issues that plague them.

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